Panyarat High School

ELITE Philosophy

Excellence in Learning

We are a team of highly qualified, friendly, and student centered teachers; all teachers at Panyarat High School have graduated in the field in which we teach and are licensed teachers. We are all native English speakers and come from countries all around the globe, including Britain, the USA, South Africa, and Australia. And, of course, we have a full complement of native Thai teachers and homeroom teachers.

The way in which our students learn prepares them for life in both national and international communities; many of our students graduate Panyarat High School and begin their University lives abroad. Many others now attend Thailand’s top universities such as Chulalongkorn and Thammasat. Additionally at PHS, many students take part in overseas exchanges during high school and study abroad in a variety of countries. These include England, America, Japan, Switzerland, and Belgium.


To ensure students are prepared for a very modern world, the majority of learning at PHS is online using existing technologies and experimentation with new ones. We understand how important technology and the internet is in the field of learning. This is why every student is provided with their own personal Chromebook laptop.

At PHS our teachers instill the willingness and ability to research, use, and master online technologies. We believe that in today’s society and with current technological advancements, it is crucial to stay abreast of the latest developments. Classes and assignments are designed to encourage students to use technology in research, learning and presentation.


We instill a strong value of Thainess at PHS. We feel that it is crucial that our students stay firmly grounded in Thai culture while learning in predominantly English speaking classrooms. Lessons taught in the Thai language include Buddhism, Thai language, Thai dance, Traditional Thai music, and Thai sport. 

Throughout the year many traditional celebrations and activities are celebrated and enjoyed by our students and teaching staff. These include Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Song Khran, Wai Khru, Loi Kratong, Sunthorn Phlu Day, and Table Manners.


At Panyarat High School all of our students are taught to appreciate and nurture our environment with love and care during their classroom lessons. They learn to understand the world around them and how it works. They are also taught to transfer those skills to others. In addition to this, class time is supplemented with Eco-friendly field trips are attended each year by our students. There a variety of trips which include M1 Science Museum excursion, M2 History trip, M3 Eco-friendly trip, M4 Cross Curricular Khao Yai trip, M5 Community Support trip, and the M6 Unity trip.