Panyarat High School (PHS)

PANYARAT HIGH SCHOOL: The ELITE School of Mathematics and Science (PHS) was initially originated under the guidance of the Rattanapian Family. The Family comes from a lineage of educators, for example, Mr.Prachoom Rattanapian, is an ex-minister of the Ministry of Education, and Ms.Vijitra Rattanapian as a venerable person of the family. They have an eagerness and willingness to support and develop the human resources of the nation. Additionally, they have a strong desire to help students gain knowledge, capability and good-heartedness to potentially be a great power in developing the country. PANYARAT HIGH SCHOOL (ENGLISH PROGRAM) was officially instituted on 2 February B.E.2554.

At Panyarat High School we never forget that a global perspective is needed to be successful in today’s workplace and this will become increasingly important in the years to come. Our attention to both traditional learning practices and 21st Century Learning sets us apart from other schools in Thailand. Additionally, Panyarat High School teachers focus on a “21st Century Skills Framework” that students will need in their post-secondary education and future careers. These 21st Century skills include critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. Students who graduate from PHS will also have a strong set of information, media and technology skills.

The curriculum at Panyarat High School has been structured to emphasize Mathematics, Science and Technology while also providing a broad foundation in Humanities and the Arts. All content subjects in our curriculum are taught in English by qualified and experienced native English speakers, providing effective English skills practice and knowledge for our students. At the same time the learning environment at Panyarat High School has been developed for our students to sustain a solid background in Thai tradition and culture.

The aim of Panyarat High School is to produce well rounded students with a global perspective and skills needed to compete in the 21st Century. Upon graduation Panyarat High School students will then be able to gain access to the University of their choosing, both internationally or in Thailand.