English Department

The Panyarat High School English Department supports student learning through a strong liberal arts education that is relevant to the 21st Century and delivered through modern educational technology. Online learning support is offered to English Language Learners via Brainpop ESL. Challenging and interactive lessons are delivered with a variety of education apps and online learning sites including: Nearpod, Read Theory, Newsela and Bookrags.

Middle School students study a variety of first language English texts and learn to write for a variety of real life situations using appropriate style. An emphasis on practical grammar for speaking and writing is supported by both the Core and Additional English classes. Students develop strong reading skills through the study of novels, short stories and informational texts. Students engaged in cross-curricular research on a variety of topics from health, science and social studies. Research material is applied to team debate activities and research writing. Strong academic emphasis has also resulted in a number of related achievements in academic competitions: a first place result in the Neilson Hays Young Writers Award, several awards in competitive debate and numerous gold and silver medals and trophies in World Scholar’s Cup.

Upper Mathayom emphasizes practical English usage in a variety of real life situations. Academic writing skills are developed and applied to a number of cross curricular projects in M4, including many of the texts written by students in the Khao Yai trip booklets. In M5-6 students gain critical analysis skills through the study of a number of language and mass communication texts, as well as engaging in research projects. Students gain skills that support college and career goals, as well as gaining knowledge and experience required for lifelong learning habits. Students read novels and learn the mechanics of literature and fiction writing, supporting the development of critical thinking and creativity. Students are prepared for college entrance and college success, as well as receiving a well-rounded education for a successful life.