World Scholar’s Cup

Since 2012 Panyarat High School has been a part of the World Scholar’s cup program, an international academic decathlon where students don’t just compete with each other, but with students from all around the world. Each year the students are given a theme (e.g. An entangled World) and a curriculum made up of 6 subjects relative to the theme. In a team of three, scholars (students that are competing, divided into juniors, seniors and skittles) do research and study those subjects and work on their teamwork. During each round, scholars are required to debate 3 rounds against scholars from other institutions and countries, do multiple choice tests that can have more than one answer, work together as a team to solve analytic questions and multimedia challenges in the bowl, and debate through the power of the pen in collaborative writing.

“World Scholar’s cup is a tournament where many people around the world compete. We first have to start off with regionals, globals and finalize it with the tournament of champions. I recommend this because it practices our socializing skills and our knowledge about the topics we learn about at each event.”
– Prawan M301

“WSC is a fun academic competition in which you can meet several people from different countries. This program has been my motivation throughout the year. It gives me lots of memorable experiences and teaches me how to cope with stress while studying the syllabus. 😄 Thank you!”
– Dew M201

In the global rounds, scholars also get to go on a scavenger hunt where no is one from the same country, dance their hearts out in the scholar’s ball and meet new friends and their different cultures in the cultural fair. Another highlight of the program is the talent show where everyone supports you no matter what you perform (from a comedy act, to how to make Tim-Tams). After the regional round, scholars progress to the global round where the fun multiplies. The year ends with the final destination with the best of the best scholars in the tournament of champions that takes place in Yale. With 50+ countries participating each year, the program creates a large community filled with diversity. There, scholars gain more friends than alpacas (The official mascot that represents the amusement of the competition) and win medals to bring back home. It’s a pwaasome (Pwaa is the sound of a happy alpaca. An unhappy alpaca spits) learning place and a great experience for every student.

Written by Arnencha Pradabkaew (Kok) M303